Which Mask Are You Wearing?
I have not purchased one mask since we started having to wear them. I don't even have any homemade ones. I have the disposable blue ones that come from family healthcare workers and that is what my children and I wear.
Homemade OR Store Bought Halloween Costume?
Halloween is exactly ONE WEEK away! Have you even thought about what you are going to dress up as yet? Have your kids decided what they want to be this year? I think mine knew the first day of school. lol
facial masks
Apparently I am on a 'facial mask' kick. lol Anytime I am at any store I find myself gravitating to the masks trying to improve the look and feel of my skin. I've tried the sugar scrubs, the over your face, looking like the Purge mask and over the weekend I went with the charcoal.
Yes! Homemade Tortillas
That moment you walk into the Stripes across the street and see the nice lady rolling out some fresh, homemade tortillas...the best. Yummy! Right away you start deciding what kind of taco you want for breakfast or lunch. lol
homemade face mask
So this happened lastnight. Major LOL! Have you ever had one of those days where you look in the mirror and think, umm no, I don't like the way my make up looks today or I can really see my fine lines and wrinkles or my complexion looks horrible?
What Homemade Gifts Have You Received for Christmas?
Homemade Christmas gifts. How do you feel about them? We have all received them at some point and I actually don't mind them because I know they are always from the heart. Some of the best homemade gifts were made for me by my (late) grandmother, I remember getting crocheted pot holders, dish t…