I've been traveling my entire life, and the older I get, I have come to the realization that there really are things that only happen in Texas. You see more big, fancy trucks in Texas. More than any other state. The bigger the truck, the closer to...nevermind that only applies to hair. lol

It is true though. My non-Texas friends and family have asked that question before, 'do you all drive trucks?' Pretty much. Only in Texas do we aim to drive as fast as humanly possible...and it is perfectly legal! If you happen to be on a highway where the speed limit is 85, you know it is going to be a damn good trip and even shorter than you originally anticipated because you will be able to 'fly' to get there.

Only in Texas did my kids get excited when we went to HEB and saw that butter flavored tortillas are a thing! Because buying regular tortillas and spreading butter on them is just too much work. lol Needless to say, those babies were gone the same day we bought them. By the same token, only in Texas did we hit up another grocery store and discover hatch green chile tortillas. Say what? My man was quite excited about that one.

Only in Texas do we not only go looking for ice cream at the grocery store, we get super specific...Blue Bell Pecos cantaloupe ice cream is super popular, especially this time of year. The list could go on and on but the tortilla thing is what got me to thinking. I can just hear myself trying to explain these things to a non-Texan. Instead I would just say, 'it's a Texas thing you wouldn't understand.'

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