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What Is Your Sundae Flavor?
Yesterday was SUN-DAE and we took full advantage in our household. I can tell you right now the one that you see pictured, is NOT mine. I do not like strawberry but offer me a chocolate one and I'm down! Actually make it hot fudge with nuts.
With Or Without Ice Cream?
I love me some cantaloupe! This particular cantaloupe is from my brother's garden and it is yummy. Over the weekend, as I cut it up, my family started digging in and my significant other went straight to the freezer for vanilla ice cream. Gross!
Snow Cones Or Ice Cream On A Hot Summer Day?
It is summertime in the 4-3-2! We are feeling it especially this week with triple digit temps expected pretty much the entire week. It's going to be a hot one to say the least. The photos you see are pretty much how my summer is going to go. lol
Which Soda You Prefer With Your Floats?
I don't know about you but summertime calls for 'coke floats' or in this case root beer floats. I think we have these more in the summer on a regular basis. To be honest, I grew up with regular coke floats, it never dawned on me that you can use any soda you like.
microwave ice cream
It's summer time and we find ourselves eating more Ice Cream during the summer months.
The other day I went for some ice cream and then realized without even thinking about it...I put the TUB into the microwave.
I do this at home...I do it at work and peeps think I'm crazy...
new blue bell flavor
Camo, camo everywhere, face it, it's the trend. So the folks at Blue Bell decided to go with the trend and create camo ice cream! Where are my camo lovers at because I know you are going to love it! Our friends at Blue Bell delivered their newest flavor, Camo n Cream ice cream to the B stu…
While On Vacay I Found A New Favorite Restaurant
Why do we tend to eat so much while on vacation? lol Well I did last week and fell in love with a new restaurant that we don't even have here in the area. A place called Posado's, they served mexican food and it was good. But that isn't exactly why I loved it. When we first walked in, we noticed an …
Rebecca's Breakroom Floats
I found leftover ice cream in the freezer so you know what that means ... Coke floats for everyone! Seriously, Leo is tired of me shoving Coke floats down his throat at this point. Lol. But come on, nothing beats a good old-fashioned coke float except for maybe a ...

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