Family traditions. We all have them. I remember growing up, all of my tia's, tio's, cousin's and everyone would meet at one person's house this time of year, every year and make tamales. I mean I didn't make them, my parents did, all of the adults actually, this was their bonding time and me and my cousins would run around like lunatics playing, yelling, having the best time!

As my siblings and I got older, we started our own traditions together as a family. For Thanksgiving, after sitting down to a nice, warm, fabulous meal, everyone sit's around, full belly's and all and we watch the Cowboys game.

Once the game is over, you would think everyone would leave and go home. Nope. Not how it works in this Mexican familia. For those who are up for the challenge, we go for round two of the Thanksgiving meal, leftovers are the best after all.

By then its evening, and this tradition I would not change for anything in the world! We all sit around the giant dining room table (my sister bought a huge table for this very reason-true story) and play games together as a family. It has grown over the years, so there are quite a few of us that like to play. Typically we take turns buying a new game every year or just pull out games from years past.

It can get very messy, very competitive but always very fun! If you do not currently do this with your family, you can borrow my family's tradition and start it with yours. Happy Thanksgiving peeps, we have so much to be thankful for, including family traditions. What is the one tradition that you will never stop doing with your family?

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