The One Tradition We Do Every Year As A Family At Thanksgiving
Family traditions. We all have them. I remember growing up, all of my tia's, tio's, cousin's and everyone would meet at one person's house this time of year, every year and make tamales. I mean I didn't make them, my parents did, all of the adults actually, this was their bonding time and me and my cousins would run around like lunatics playing, yelling, having the best time!
We Need One Of These Family Restaurants In Midland-Odessa
I visit the Alamo City alot. I have family there that I get to visit often #1 and because obviously there is far more to do there #2. I love the city, I love the atmosphere, it's big but to me has a small town feel. Weird but true. One of the restaurants we frequent, as a mother of 3, is one called Chicken n Pickle. We were there just a couple of weekends ago! We need one of these here in the 432.
We Are Less Than 100 Shopping Days Away From Christmas
Christmas is less than 100 days away. I'm not ready. I won't even be ready on Christmas Eve tbh. lol I am not one of those 'let me get a head start on my shopping' type people. But I know some who are. I have at least three family members that will literally be done with all of their Christmas shopping by Halloween and they give the best gifts!
Texans Don’t Play When It Comes To Air Conditioning [Video]
If this ain't the truth! (how very Texan of me!) One thing you should know about Texans is that every form of air conditioning and ways to stay cool is necessary in our homes. At all times. No matter what season we are in. There are technically four seasons, but in a Texas home, it's cold indoors year round.
MCH Moonlight Market-Farmers Market Takes Place This Friday Night
It's that time of year peeps! One thing I do look forward to this time of year is fresh produce. No lie. I am that girl that gets excited when a friend or family member shares the goods from their garden, the literal fruits of their labor. I am all about supporting local produce stands, anyone I see on the side of the road selling goodies that they have grown.
How Will You Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year?
We are 15 days away from Thanksgiving! Seriously, normally we would all be super excited for turkey day, the food, the family, the football but this year with the pandemic, things may be looking a little different for some people. Many people have barely left their homes for things like groceries and necessities, much less are they worried about the upcoming holiday.

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