Look and listen to me right now....menudo and tamales are acceptable year round! There is no question, there is no argument in my opinion. However, if you are asking an old school momma or tia, they will tell you no, it is only for the colder months or you have to wait for Christmas when everyone gets together to make them. 


But man do I have the most beautiful memories of all of my tia's and tio's and my parents getting together every year for the holidays to make the tamales. I guess that is where the idea of only eating tamales in the winter months comes from. My family made them during that time of year.

But legit the pictures you see are me getting my fix within the last couple of weeks! If I am craving either one, thank goodness we've got places like Jorge's and La Nortena to help us get our fix. It is something about a dozen tamales (yep, no shame I can throw down a dozen) to take you back to your childhood days and memories of your abuela, your tia, your neighbor or mom gathering friends and family to make dozens and dozens to give out to familia for Christmas.

Or a massive 'olla' (pot) of menudo after every wedding, quince, baile or birthday party at someone's house. I used to love that smell hitting you as soon as you walk in the door!

And now I have made you hungry for both! Trust there are plenty of places in Midland and Odessa to get your fix. What say you? Menudo and tamales any time of year or end of year, when it's cold outside only?

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