B93 always proudly supports Children's Miracle Network! Over the last few years we have worked with CMN to raise funds for all of the expensive equipment, beds, warmers and anything needed to care for precious babies born needing a little extra TLC here at our Children's Miracle Network hospital, Medical Center hospital in Odessa. 

We have met and made friends with some of the most amazing staff, nurses and persons associated with CMN who are as passionate as we are about making sure these precious little lives are cared for with all of the proper, necessary medical equipment, treatment and training.

To have heard stories over the years of 'NICU babies' that were born either prematurely or needing special treatment at MCH and CMN providing for their needs is a rewarding experience. To see these babies and hear the stories of how they were helped, grew up and flourished as a result of getting the care locally, that they needed, would warm even the hardest of hearts.

If you are someone who had a baby that spent some time in the NICU at MCH or have a niece, grandchild, neighbor or friend, please remember that funds are always, 7 days a week, 365 days a year needed for their care.

You can always give a donation at this link. Become a 'miracle maker,' which is a monthly donation or a one-time donation is always welcome too! Remember that while other children are enjoying these fun, hot, summer days, for some babies, life has not started out so smoothly. Together, we can give these angels a fighting chance.
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