Anytime I eat lasagna I think of a dear friend of mine who blew my mind years ago when we first met when she told me that her family eats lasagna for their Christmas meal. It was so 'strange' to me, at the time. It's not what my family ate so I 'didn't get it.' But looking back, I think is there really even a 'traditional Christmas meal?'

For Thanksgiving, many of us do the turkey, dressing, ham and all the sides to go with but what does one eat for Crhistmas? I mean, to each his own right? Is there a certain meal that is supposed to be eaten or suggested at Christmas?

I would have to say being Mexican, it goes without saying....tamales. Growing up, that is what our family ate. It's all I know and we pretty much carried on our parents tradition. We eat tamales for Christmas. Although we cheat a little bit. My parents, along with aunts and uncles actually made theirs, we take the easy route and buy them from our favorite, local tamaleria.

I've also learned as I've gotten older what other families eat for Christmas and I've heard everything from roast beef to Mexican food (enchiladas), some even eat a full turkey and dressing meal all over again. Clearly they don't get tired of it!

What IS a traditional Christmas meal? Is there one? This year I may finally head to my friend's house to try their lasagna, it is 100% from scratch and also not so unusual to me anymore.

What does your family eat at Christmas?

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