Christmas In January….
Ok so unfortunately I cannot for the life of me remember which network it was, but yesterday as my 5 year old asked me to find something for her to watch on tv, I came across the movie Polar Express. She loves the movie so I left it and even watched most of it with her.
Have You Even Christmas Shopped?
We are officially 6 days away from Christmas! Usually this close to the day, you have conversations with friends and family about whether or not they've done all of their Christmas shopping? I am extremely surprised, that this year I have heard a lot of....
Does Your Family Have Christmas Traditions?
We talked about this on the morning show last week, families who have unique traditions at Christmas. We mentioned how some people have a white elephant gift exchange, instead of buying gifts for the whole family, just bring one and have some fun!
Here's What You Can Get Me
I discovered the older I get, the easier it is to buy Christmas gifts for me. Gifts period really. I'm more practical in my 'old age.' lol I was out and about the other day and came across this....BACON IS LIFE! Even moreso, bacon made right is life. So THIS would be perfect for me if…
Too Early For Christmas?
Ok so today is officially the start of the holiday season and I have a question? When is it considered too early to put up the Christmas tree? I have a family member who legit put theirs up 2 days ago and I'm thinking, hmmm not a bad idea....
Christmas in….August?
Since many of us have been back-to-school shopping recently, surely you have noticed the shelves stocked up for fall, Halloween and even CHRISTMAS in some stores! I haven't even recovered yet from school supplies and backpacks and you want me to worry about Santa? lol

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