Christmas Gift Exchange
We are 16 shopping days away from Christmas. Have you done any of your Christmas shopping yet? Do you even have many people to buy for, either family, friends or even co-workers? I remember when I was little there would be so many presents under the tree and there are four of us I have three other s…
Help Us Light Up The 432 And Win $500
Tis the season, on this December 1st for Christmas decorations! Although for alot of people looking for a little Christmas cheer in 2020, many have had their trees, decorations and Christmas lights up for quite some time and you know what? We want to see them! Help us Light Up the 4-3-2 by sharing y…
How Are You Shopping In 2020?
It is December 1st omg! 24 shopping days until Christmas, the time of year when the words you see in the pic are such magical words. lol Your order has shipped. I have to admit, over the last couple of years, I have done alot more online shopping that in store shopping.
Christmas In January….
Ok so unfortunately I cannot for the life of me remember which network it was, but yesterday as my 5 year old asked me to find something for her to watch on tv, I came across the movie Polar Express. She loves the movie so I left it and even watched most of it with her.
Have You Even Christmas Shopped?
We are officially 6 days away from Christmas! Usually this close to the day, you have conversations with friends and family about whether or not they've done all of their Christmas shopping? I am extremely surprised, that this year I have heard a lot of....

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