christmas shopping
We are exactly 12 days away from Christmas and I'm sure we are out shopping, finishing our lists and checking them twice. It doesn't matter if you have 2 or 22 people to buy gifts for, there is always that ONE person that is hard to buy for. Am I right?
wrapper or bagger?
I have a question? Are you a bagger or a wrapper? Leo and I are in agreement for ONCE! I guess because we are both old school. We are definitely wrapper's! I'm talking about Christmas gifts of course.
Parade of lights
If you have little ones like me, I have something they would love to check out tomorrow night. The annual Odessa Parade of Lights will take place, beginning promptly at 6:30 p.m. Take the kiddos to check out all the awesome floats full of Christmas lights to ring in the holiday season!
It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas…..
It's beginning to look alot like....yep you know it, Christmas! We are less than 100 days away from everyone's favorite holiday and it was apparent over the weekend when I went shopping for a few things at the store. Here's the thing, we all know that Halloween is right around the cor…
Are You A Gift Or Gift Card Person?
I have a simple question. Are you a gift or gift card person? Which would you rather receive? I have a friend who says gift cards require no thought at all whatsoever and she prefers to receive a gift to unwrap for Christmas. I am indifferent. I'll take either.
This my friends is a simple game that I could spend hours playing when I was little. Kids these days are worried about having the newest and fanciest electronics? I had Mastermind. Mind you, I didn't have one, no one ever bought me one, I would beg my cousin to play his anytime we went to his h…
What Homemade Gifts Have You Received for Christmas?
Homemade Christmas gifts. How do you feel about them? We have all received them at some point and I actually don't mind them because I know they are always from the heart. Some of the best homemade gifts were made for me by my (late) grandmother, I remember getting crocheted pot holders, dish t…
christmas wish list
While doing some Christmas shopping over the weekend, I realized there are some pretty simple things that I need to throw on my Christmas wish list this year. I don't know if the older I get, my list gets shorter and more practical or what but I found that I would be quite happy with some prett…
tree dazzler
Are you kidding me right now? I've seen this on tv but I finally saw one in the store the other day. Love it! As if they didn't give me enough of a gift with the spotlight to go outside of my house to be used as Christmas lights, now the inventors of this 'Tree Dazzler' have outd…

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