Why am I like this? I walked into work to start a brand new work week, breakfast in tow and as I am eating said breakfast, browsing the internet as one does, I come upon an article that the very thing I am eating has been recalled. Oopsie! Mind you, I eat this particular item on a regular basis, so far so good JS. 

What is the food item that has been recalled over the weekend? JIF peanut butter. You know what I make my PB&J sandwiches with? As I was doing this morning, eating apples and peanut butter. Bad on me that JIF happens to be my favorite I guess?


According to The Smucker Company,

coordinating a thorough investigation with the F.D.A.

after they recalled several Jif peanut butter products that have been sold here in the U.S. because of possible salmonella contamination. 

According to the federal Food and Drug administration website,

if you bought the potentially contaminated products, you should immediately dispose of them.

Here is a list of products with potential contamination:

several types of creamy, crunchy, reduced-fat and natural peanut butter products in various sizes, as well as a 40-ounce jar of natural honey.

The F.D.A. states that 2 people have already been hospitalized with symptoms that include fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. Salmonella is a bacteria that grows in foods. If you currently have some JIF peanut butter at home, as you can see I do, check the lot numbers. The JIF products believed to be infected include those with the numbers 1274425 through 2140425 with the digits ending with 425.

The lot number would be located near the best-if-used-by date on your JIF peanut butter jar.

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