I have always and will always be a firm believer in 'momma knows best.' We all remember things our parents taught us and instilled in us, some lessons more than others. I will never forget when the weather got cold as it is now, my mother was adamant about me covering up or I would get sick. Thus the cotton balls you see in the photo. I have become my mother. lol 
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Now I have passed all of these little tips down to my kids. For instance, I was always told I needed to wear socks or house shoes on a cold floor or I would get sick. (picture little Rebecca all through the winter months running around in pink, bunny slippers)
I was never allowed out of the house without my face, specifically my mouth, covered up with a scarf or some kind of face covering. (I had this mask thing down way back in the day) I couldn't 'breathe in the cold air' or I would get sick.


And now the cotton balls explained....forget earmuffs, she would put cotton balls in my ears to prevent cold air from getting in and me getting an earache. As you can see, I am a <em>grown woman</em> <strong><em>still</em> </strong>doing this. Momma was right, if I don't do it I get earaches. True story! Leo has legit heard me say, 'I've got an earache, I left the house without my cotton balls.' I cannot make any of this stuff up! Sure there are beanies and earmuffs and all types of things to protect my ears, but as long as I live, I will always follow momma's way because she truly did know best.

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