Cold Weather Necessities
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it looks as if it's going to be a very cold Valentine's Day 2021 this year. Sunday is Valentine's Day and in case you couldn't tell, a cold front has moved into the area. We are bracing for way colder temps for the end of the week and espec…
Things I Learned From My Mother To Prevent Getting Sick
I have always and will always be a firm believer in 'momma knows best.' We all remember things our parents taught us and instilled in us, some lessons more than others. I will never forget when the weather got cold as it is now, my mother was adamant about me covering up or I would get sic…
Sweater Weather Is Here
It's heeeerrree! Cold weather, my favorite time of the year has arrived! Who's with me? I absolutely prefer having to bundle up as opposed to being hot and having to shed clothes. I love sweater weather! When I left my house this morning, this is what the temp was and our high is only 39 s…
How Do You Like Yours?
As heard on Leo & Rebecca in the morning, how do you like your Pop Tarts? Rebecca loves chocolate fudge Pop Tarts, fresh out of the toaster. Leo is weird. lol He likes strawberry Pop Tarts, NOT warmed up, gross.
Cold Weather: Love It Or Hate It?
I'm sure you've seen the memes about the temps dropping from one extreme to the other all over social media. lol They are totally accurate but what do you expect from West Texas weather? The question you love it? Were you OVER summer like me, ready to move on to colder weather?
lysol to the rescue
Monday got me like NOPE! Wow, apparently a 'summer cold' has hit the building and I've had to start with the Lysol! Two coworkers were sick last week, then Leo, then our 'webguy' and the list has grown. O-M-G I'm just hoping I don't get it! Mocos stay away from me!