I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it looks as if it's going to be a very cold Valentine's Day 2021 this year. Sunday is Valentine's Day and in case you couldn't tell, a cold front has moved into the area. We are bracing for way colder temps for the end of the week and especially for the weekend.

Literally in the teens on Saturday, 19 degrees expected and Sunday night our low will be 7! We are also expecting a 30% chance of snow on Sunday so just prepare yourselves. Need help preparing for a weekend in? Let's make a list of things that are necessary for the cold weather, especially since many may opt to stay in, stay safe and stay warm this Valentine's Day.

  • a fireplace to cuddle in front of (I don't have one but in my next home it is a MUST!) Lucky those of you that do.
  • snacks-you can bet the pantry and the fridge will be stocked up before this weekend! What you want boo? popcorn, cookies, ice cream, chips, dips, sodas and adult beverages? I got you!
  • blankets-just because you can never have too many and they're oh so comfy!
  • a variety of streaming services-Malcolm & Marie on Netflix, Justin Timberlake's Palmer on Apple TV+, WandaVision on Disney+-the possibilities are endless!
  • hot chocolate and plenty of marshmallows-because cold weather period
  • pillows-I tend to doze in and out on cold days, I can't help it! lol

What are you planning to do with what could be our last few days of winter?

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