Our 3 day weekend is finally here. Not only has this year flown by, it is beyond hard to believe that Labor Day is this weekend and we are torn between two very important decisions this weekend....will we continue to wear white after Monday and will we be throwing burgers or dogs on the grill?


What did you think I was going to say? I remember growing up since there were four of us kids, I liked hamburgers because my dad made the best and because if I chose hot dogs, more than likely I would have to eat them with just plain bread. Hot dog buns weren't really a thing in our house. Four kids...deal, you can all eat a weenie on bread. lol

Now that I'm older and able to buy my own hot dog buns, I prefer hot dogs for just that reason. I kid, I kid! Actually no, I'm just not much of a meat eater anymore. I don't not eat burgers but it is not my first choice.

So needless to say this Labor Day weekend, the Cruz family will more than likely be grilling both but this girl will be reaching for a hot dog, complete with mustard, some chili and lots of cheese. My kids will say grossssss and eat all of the burgers. Either way, I hope you enjoy your three day Labor Day weekend, stay safe, stay healthy and eat a burger, dog or both, just do you!

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