It's that time of year! Colder temps will be hitting the 432 soon with the holidays right around the corner. We felt it a little bit last week when overnight temps got into the 40's but colder days are coming and for those of you who may be spending your very first winter here with us in West Texas let me lay down a few ground rules for cold weather attire.

Let's talk about the norm and what is acceptable. For starters:

  1. you will 100% see people in shorts-don't judge-many feel 'winter' here in West Texas is not cold enough to bother with jeans or sweats-don't assume this person didn't do laundry or has holey jeans-shorts are perfectly acceptable even in snow!
  2. jackets/hoodies and shorts combo are also something you will see on the regular here-again might start out crazy cold in the morning but more than likely after lunch the sun will be shining and voila just rip off your jacket and proceed with your day!
  3. no jacket is also acceptable-especially men-I'm not sure that I've even seen a jacket in my man's closet, let alone him actually wear one?
  4. open toed shoes/sandals for ladies/flip flops for men are a thing even in the coldest winter months-you wear them during the summer with shorts so why should winter time be any different?

Just know that on the coldest of days if you run out of the house in the total opposite of what some would consider 'cold weather clothing' you will not be judged. In fact, you will probably be the odd man out while the rest of us are nice and comfy running around in cut offs this winter. JS Bundle up or not my friends!


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