Weather Forecast-Lookin Wet For The Next Week
Now that spring is here, it has definitely brought us some April showers. This week for sure, we are expecting rain until this time next week actually. We have at the very least a 20% chance of showers everyday this week and I am here for it! How does the saying go? 'April showers bring May flo…
Cold Weather Necessities
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it looks as if it's going to be a very cold Valentine's Day 2021 this year. Sunday is Valentine's Day and in case you couldn't tell, a cold front has moved into the area. We are bracing for way colder temps for the end of the week and espec…
How Are You Enjoying These Nice Temps This Week?
You know it is very rare that we get several days with beautiful weather in the beginning of February. I mean it is still winter! What have you done to enjoy these past few days with temps in the 70s and yesterday 80°? I've seen many people out and about at the park with kids or the whole f…
What Is ‘Pool Weather’ In Your Opinion?
Ok so I believe a few weeks ago I did a blog about how our family purchased a new pool. Well it is up and running and the kids are in it every single day, just like I new they would be. I have been in it twice in several weeks and my circle thinks I'm crazy because I'm not in it everyday!
Level 5 Weather Conditions Today-Find Out What That Means
The big thing we have been dealing with lately in the 4-3-2 is the weather. It could be a beautiful 80 degree sunny day one minute and the dark clouds roll in and its thundering, lightening and pouring down rain and HAIL the next! Much like we are expecting this afternoon as a matter of fact.
Cold Weather: Love It Or Hate It?
I'm sure you've seen the memes about the temps dropping from one extreme to the other all over social media. lol They are totally accurate but what do you expect from West Texas weather? The question you love it? Were you OVER summer like me, ready to move on to colder weather?
Momma’s The Struggle Is Real….
Ok the struggle is real in this area when it comes to dressing our little ones. In this case it's my 11 year old son. With the crazy warm one minute, literally freezing the next weather we have, it's hard to advise him how to dress for the temps! Not to mention, he wants to follow the &apo…

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