It never fails, this time every year, yours truly gets sicker than sick. I always lose my voice. That is a given. But I also typically end up with the worst type of cold, one year it was the flu and let me tell you it stinks! Who wants to be sick for the holidays? Not me!

No doubt it's the crazy weather that we deal with this time of year that doesn't help those of us who are dealing with illness right now. 80 degree temps one week, then waking up this very morning to 23 degree freezing cold temps and ice on the windshield. I mean who can win in these conditions?

So speaking from experience, here are a couple of things I try that tend to help when I'm sick:

  • menudo-I legit had it twice this weekend because I could hear momma's voice saying, 'it will help you feel better.' I hear you loud and clear momma!
  • staying hydrated-water, load up on vitamin C with some OJ, I drink lots of lemon and honey teas, maybe a hot toddy or two
  • meds-lots of them, for cough, for body aches, for congestion, for sniffles
  • Vicks or humidifiers to keep the atmosphere moist-it is so dry here in West Texas, I think that goes without saying
  • if your throat hurts-gargle with salt water-I used to not believe in this but it really does work!
  • to help stuffiness-I buy the Vicks shower tablets-stand in a nice, hot shower with this thing at your feet-the vapors help clear you up. It is the best feeling ever when you are sick!
  • rest-lots of it. Call grandma to come get the kids-you need uninterrupted rest to get well for sure!

It is cold and flu season for sure y'all! Take your vitamins to stay as healthy as possible and of course paying a visit to your Dr. is always a good option. Do what works for you and if you are in the same boat I'm currently in, get well soon.

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