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Remember a few years ago before the COVID pandemic when this time of the year we would be talking about the flu and cold cases and doctors urging people to get the flu shot? Then COVID hit and the flu and cold sort of went away.

At least we didn't hear much about the flu or cold while COVID cases were soaring and people were worried about the pandemic. Now with interest in the pandemic down and numbers of people catching COVID down as well, flu and cold numbers are back to numbers not seen since 2009 according to KAMC.

Hospitalization rates for influenza haven’t been this high this early since the 2009 swine flu pandemic, according to the CDC. So far, there have been an estimated 1,300 flu deaths, including at least three children.

Activity has spiked over the past month. Less than three weeks ago, no states were in the “very high” categories.

All this flu transmission is also happening earlier than usual – the winter flu season usually ramps up in December or January.

While Texas isn't the worst state for flu cases, we are up to the second highest category in the "Very High" category along with Maryland. SEC country has the worst cases of the flu, that includes Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia all make up the highest if the Very High cases according to the CDC.

Doctors encourage people to get their flu shot each and every year. Boosters for COVID are also encouraged.

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