This flu epidemic is no joke peeps! Unfortunately, as you can in the picture, my kiddo took a flu test at the Dr. and boom, the flu has now hit our home. I kept saying it wasn't going to but it did and the thing is, the 'typical symptoms' were not even there...

My kid had a cough. That's it and it wasn't bad. The only reason I took him to the Dr. was because he was sent home from school by the school nurse with a fever. These are what I've heard are symptoms to look for and my son had none of them:

  • chills
  • dehydration
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • loss of appetite
  • body ache
  •  sweating

Friends and other family members I've talked to that had the flu already have also stated that they had a runny nose or even just a sore throat and thought it was just allergies. Just giving you a heads up to know what to look for and to remember, lots of handwashing and hand sanitizer are key right now!

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