Ok, I've got a confession to make, there are a few things I'm not good at...I know hard to believe right? My motto is usually, 'I'll try anything once' but there are some things I've tried and should probably never attempt again! lol I'll give examples...

I am not good at math. I hate it, it was my worst subject in school and I literally only passed most math classes because I cheated off of someone next to me in class. Whew, glad I got that off of my chest. Also, I'm not good at taking tests. It started with the written part of my driving test. No lie, I failed it the first time I took it. Probably the only person in the history of the written portion of the driving test but well, what ya gonna do?

Also, I'm not a great cook. I try though and that's what counts. I'm not good at following directions. GPS throws me off. Like why can't I just be told, 'hey, up there where you see the McDonald's, exit there.' Like I need landmarks not stinkin numbers. lol (wow, I'm really not good with numbers am I?)

I'm not good at remembering passwords. I don't know how many times I've been locked out of accounts for hours because I tried all I could think of and none of the passwords I tried were right. The struggle.

Cut to yesterday, discovering one more thing I'm not good at. Those stupid, 'i'm not a robot' things. Like where you have to click all the pictures with crosswalks, or street signs or in this case buses. This one was easy but truly those things give me anxiety, they are not always so obvious. I'm always thinking to myself, 'is that a little piece of a crosswalk or nah?' Please tell me I'm not the only one?

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