You see this right here? This right here is a big NOPE for me! This a picture of my kid's homework. My little 3rd grader's math homework is going to be the death of me I swear! You know times have changed when it takes 4 of us in our home to try to help her complete one homework assignment! lol

My boys try to help their baby sister but even they learned math very differently back in the day. We all know the answer but it's the 'showing the work' that gets us. It is easy to pull out a calculator and say ok here's the answer write it down but unfortunately she must show the steps of how she got there?

I can't tell you how many times I looked up how-to do such and such math problem just to be able to teach it the way she's currently learning. The struggle is real and I know it is a struggle we are all dealing with with our kids schoolwork.

I got to the point of hiring a tutor because 3rd grade math is not worth me stressing over. Even I was dreading my poor baby's homework.

Parents, if you are having this same issue, you are not alone! Ask your little one's teacher for some recommendations on who you can reach out to for extra help. Often times, students at a higher grade-level, like highschool, tutor the young ones for college volunteer hours and such.

Uggggghh homework! Am I right?

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