Picking Up Kids From School Is A Nightmare
Add this to the top five things that I absolutely hate! Picking up and or dropping off kids at school. Why have we not come up with a solution? Why is this the one time of day that I get frustrated and go home and immediately need a glass of wine? Can we let the fine folks at Chick-fil-A take care o…
Does Your Kid Eat Crazy Stuff Too?
Ok now that (some) kids are back in school, it is that time again to get those school lunches packed! My children are allowed to take lunch from home a couple of times a week and I thought I would share what my 7 year old daughter would take every day, if I allowed her to.
Would You Be Upset If Your Kids School Banned This?
If there is one thing I know about elementary aged children, after having 3 children myself, it's that they loooooove having mom and dad eat lunch with them from time to time at school. I've done it with all 3. Some parents do it several times during the school year and some parents only go on speci…
New Lice Law For Texas Schools Now in Effect
Head lice is a nightmare no parent or child ever wants to experience, yet it's a problem that persists in many schools every year. A new Texas law now determines what public elementary school nurses must do when they discover lice on a child.
I'm One Angry Parent
This is a picture of my son's school uniform. The black marks you are seeing are from another student who decided to throw paint on my son while in class. The part about this that upsets me the most is if you look at this and consider it was all done with a brush, this means there were several …
do you deal with this
This literally just happened to me so I felt compelled to blog about it. lol The struggle is real when you have children, specifically school-aged kiddos. I missed a call from the school, the dreaded oh-my-gosh-what-did-my-kid-do-now-call? When I realized it, I called the office at the school and pr…
kent kwik stores
Our friends at Kent Kwik Convenience Stores are doing something super cool to help out our kids! If you want to help 'Fuel Your School' what you do is fill up your tank with gas. It's that simple!

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