Like many parents, for the past couple of weeks, we have been doing the back to school routine. School clothes shopping, making sure the correct school supplies have been bought, are shots are up-to-date? Dr, eye dr and dentist appointments made to make sure all is well with the littles and paperwork galore is filled out.


The back to school routine and checklist is not for the faint of heart, take it from a single mom of 3! As reminders come in from my school-aged children's respective schools, I literally have to jot it down at that very moment or I will forget what day we pick up computers, or the orientation meetings, or the meet the teacher takes place.

The latter we did just yesterday as a matter of fact and can I say we hit the jackpot with teachers for my princess this year? Not only had I heard great things about her, I walked into her classroom and it was any mother's dream. She had directions clearly written on the board and instantly I was back in grade school myself. 'Ms. Cruz follow the directions on the board and sit down at your desk.' That is exactly what I did! lol

There were sheets of paper for me to fill out and a quick, little bio and background on our new teacher. She let us know about her family, her hobbies and her favorites as far as restaurant, flower, color, beverage etc. Which will come in super handy at Christmastime and for Teacher Appreciation Week if you like to surprise your child's teacher with goodies during those holidays.

She also had all of her number, conference time and email in the event she needs to be reached. And the best part? It's a magnet! You better believe I happily slapped it on the fridge when I got home!  Trust me, I think I can speak for many moms when I say THANK YOU, that is a lifesaver. I don't have to log onto the school's website to find that info or call the school to find out all of those things.

It's the little things that can make all the difference when it comes to a new school year and a new teacher. Here's to a fabulous 2021-2022 school year everyone!

What have you found helpful that your kids teacher does or has done in past years?

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