My momma would be so proud. Who remembers growing up using Vicks Vapo-ruuuu for everything? If I woke up with a sore throat, Vicks. If I started coughing, Vicks. If my head hurt Vicks. I would have to rub it on my temples. No lie. Mexican mommas didn't mess around and there was always a jar of Vicks somewhere around the house at any given time. How did that stuff never run out? lol 

So now that I'm older and a momma to 3 of my own, guess what the remedy for every ailment is in our home? Yep, Vicks! And my kids know it too, just like little Rebecca did back in the day. lol My 8 year old will ask me, 'mom you want me to go get the Vicks?' No matter what's wrong with her. It's hilarious.

But for real, the people behind my beloved Vicks Vapo-ruuu have really come a long way. They have done the most with the options now. I have a plug-in that emits the Vicks scent and quite honestly helps you sleep at night. Whereas my kids had a humidifier with the water and the vapor back in the day, this has taken its place!

Also I recently found a little bedside tabletop vaporizer that sits on my nightstand and also does the trick to help me sleep when I'm sick. These things are literal magic. I'm no longer a fan of humidifiers (after using them for years on my kiddos) with these nifty things around. Heads up when the winter weather brings the sniffles and colds to your household, mom's Vicks Vapo-ruuuu is still around and it works wonders!

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