Who loves to snack like me? More than breakfast, lunch or dinner, I love my snacks. I love them so much, I'm constantly trying to come up with healthy snacks. Chips, cookies and ice cream are not good for my diet so I'm always trying to get creative. This particular snack recipe however, I'm pretty sure I stole from the internet.

So you need an apple (whichever you prefer-this one happens to be honey crisp), peanut butter, pecans (or your favorite nuts) and chocolate chips.

Start by coring your apple, you have several pieces after doing so. Grab your peanut butter and a butter knife. Spread a thin layer on each slice of apple. Then sprinkle a few pecans on each slice, on top of the peanut butter so that they stick and not slide off. Then do the same with your chocolate chips.

This super easy snack does not disappoint, however, do not go by the photo because as you can see, my man did not understand the assignment. He was being super sweet by making my favorite snack and went a tad (a lot) bit overboard with every ingredient. lol This will definitely NOT help with my diet. But it was a kind gesture all the same.

Please try and this anytime you're trying to satisfy your sweet tooth, and also share some of your own.

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