Ok for real, if you would have told 8 year old me that as an adult I would be eating more veggies than actual food one day I would have told you you were CRAZY! Cut to me as an adult and I eat all my vegetables like mom always wanted me to...by choice! Well, more like just healthier foods in general. We will call this, 'food that tastes so much better than you think it would if you just give it a try.' Or doctor it up in my opinion. 

I have learned that the way you prepare certain foods makes a world of difference in taste. It has taken me way too many years to figure this out. For example, brussel sprouts. Never ever ever as a child would I consider eating this weird looking thing. But now literally with a little soy sauce and maple syrup, bake in the over 15 minutes each side, this is my new favorite snack! I have eaten them several nights this week alone. 


Chick peas. I definitely had never heard of these when I was little, let alone try them. Another food that looks odd but prepared the right way is rather tasty. If I told you I eat them in a corn tortilla like a taco and it tastes like a chorizo burrito with the right spices would you believe me? Yeah I didn't believe the person that passed along the recipe to me either....but they do! 

Edamame. You can probably order it at some chinese food restaurants. My first experience with edamame was actually the frozen bag you buy at the store and throw in the microwave. A little kosher salt and soy sauce...wowza! Another fave snack. Who knew my taste buds would change so much as an adult? lol
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