I think it's safe to say that my parents did an excellent job making sure that I ate my vegetables growing up. Why do I say this? Because I remember loving all veggies as a kid and still to this day. I have always been into salads of all kinds, grilled veggies, raw veggies, etc...

Something I have become more interested in over the last few years upon hearing about it and becoming increasingly more popular is plant based eating.

According to Wikipedia, 'A plant-based diet or a plant-rich diet is a diet consisting mostly or entirely of plant-based foods.'

I'm not a huge fan of red meat to begin with, (I would be a boring date if you are a meat and potatoes person just FYI) so I think this is right up my alley, not to mention I've heard, read and seen many TikToks on the health benefits of 'plant based eating.'

I mean just having come across this article alone, plant based eating has numerous health benefits and as someone who has gone down 6 dress sizes in the last few years, it can also help me keep the weight off that I have lost. Here are just a few benefits of a plant based diet:

  • helps lower blood pressure
  • helps keep your heart healthy
  • helps prevent type 2 diabetes
  • weight loss
  • helps improve cholesterol

Not to mention it's just downright good, other than being good for you. The photo that you see is a bunch of yummy veggies that I made for dinner lastnight...bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes. Pour all of this over quinoa, with the right spices and a dash of soy sauce, it made so much food, I can literally probably eat from it for a solid week! Meal prep score with this one! Anyone want to be my plant based chef so I can learn more recipes?
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