Since the pandemic began almost a year ago, many had no choice but to get to cooking, myself included. I did lots of baking, like many others and also tried out a few new recipes that I would come across on the internet. I was doing so well and actually truly enjoying it. However, after what I did this weekend to a new recipe that I tried for the first time, it may be time to stop for awhile...


check out this burnt, inedible mess. lol This was supposed to be a simple recipe for brussel sprouts in soy sauce and maple syrup but unfortunately did not work out that way. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my veggies, so I'm always looking for recipes to enhance them. This one clearly didn't 'pan' out. The sad thing is, it was a simple recipe. 

I guess I should stick to desserts, baking is my jam. Trust me when I say, I do not burn sweets. lol I guess because cookies, cake, cupcakes, brownies and all kinds of goodies are my thing too. I can cook but not well clearly. But if you ask me to bake anything, I got you. 

Are we all still in the cooking/baking phase or is everyone doing take out now? I'm really good at take out or delivery. A word to the wise, next time you are trying out a new recipe, keep a close eye on whatever it is you are making or will it end up like the mess I created. Yuck.
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