The events of the past year have been rough to say the least. Finding out that such a thing as Corona Virus existed, then life as we knew it being turned upside down and  learning the true meaning of the word 'pandemic.' Having to stay home, having to wear masks, dealing with food, water and basic toiletry shortages. Not to mention many restaurants, bars and grocery stores having to shut down or change the way they do things has been a real eye opener. But the most harsh reality of all is the number of lives that have senselessly been lost to this horrible disease. 

Medical Center Health System wants to honor and remember all those who have lost their lives due to Covid. 'One Year Later:A Service of Remembrance and Hope' will be held at Memorial Gardens Park, Sunday April 11th at 7 pm. The entire community is invited to attend this free event. Lanterns are going to be released in remembrance of those lives lost and also to honor the survivors.

According to MCHS Facebook, they 'will recognize the healthcare community and show appreciation for their ongoing service,' as well.

Memorial Gardens Park is located 4730 E. 42nd st. in
Odessa. The public is invited to attend this community-wide, free event, feel free to spread the word.

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