Have You Made Any Big Purchases During The Pandemic?
Since the pandemic began around 8 months ago, we have all had to find ways to stay busy despite having to stay home for most of it. Our family and I know of many others who purchased pools, some of my friends bought bikes and started to ride as a family.
How Do You Sanitize?
How do you sanitize? These two are currently in my vehicle in the midst of the pandemic. They say you are supposed to sanitize every time you get in your vehicle. If you went to a restaurant, grocery store, shopping trip, soccer practice...SANITIZE! I even wipe down my steering wheel when I get in.
Retail Stores Closing
In the midst of the current pandemic we are all navigating through, unfortunately many of our favorite retail chains have been affected. Affected to the point of filing Chapter 11 and having to close their doors for good. Here is a list of a few that are closing stores nationwide:
I Cannot Believe This Is Our New Normal
A friend of mine sent me this photo as I was curious to know what life was like in Odessa/Midland currently. She informed me that a trip to the grocery store is nothing like it used to be. I could not believe the line, (she sent me several photos) it was all the way back to the garden center at the …