Quarantine Cooking
How is YOUR quarantine cooking going? I have to say 8 weeks ago I was gung-ho really getting after it with my cooking skills, my kids were loving it. Now....not so much.
I Recently Learned To Make This And Wanted To Share The Recipe
Things that are giving me life during quarantine....this spaghetti squash! I'm not kidding when I say that I, like so many of you, have been learning to cook so many different things that I never did before. Mind blown with this dish. First of all, I never knew spaghetti squash existed, let alone th…
What Are You Learning How To Do?
As many of us enter week 4 (maybe longer for you) of quarantine, we are discovering just how good we are at some things. As we are required to stay home and self-isolate, we find that we are doing things either we rarely do or have never done before. For me, I'm pretty much learning how to cook. lol…
Who Does Most Of The Cooking In Your Household?
Today's aye aye holiday is National Men Make Dinner Day! Thank you whoever makes these crazy holidays up. lol In some cases, ladies need a break. In others, the man does all the cooking anyway, which is cool too, in that case, flip the switch!
You know you are a true Mexican can take some 'fideo's' and straight up turn it into one of the best meals you've ever had! lol The Vermicelli brings back great memories of my childhood and I still buy boxes of them for my family because
When Will I Be As Good A Cook As My Mother?
Why? Why am I not as good a cook as my momma? Someone please tell me! lol  First of all, I am always in awe at how easy and effortless my mother makes it look when she's cooking. I watched as she got the entire meal ready, tending to several things at once, stirring this, seasoning th…