How many apps do you have on your phone? A ton I'm sure. Unless you're OCD like I am (another story for another day). Either way, there are 2 types of people in this world. Those who download apps just because someone else suggested to do so and never use them, so they're just taking up space on your phone, and those who download and utilize every single one. 

I think I'm somewhere in the middle, mainly because of the aforementioned OCD. Pretty much every single app you will find on my phone, I use in some way on a regular basis. Some more than others. Which apps get used often? The answer may scare you. lol

My podcast app is an everyday thing. I am a true crime fanatic. I commute daily. They two go hand in hand. Don't judge.

Another app I use very regularly? Pinterest. Isn't that every female? Clothes, recipes, workout suggestions, Pinterest has it all, it's like having your best girlfriend on hand at all times with the best advice.

My B93 app. Did you really think that wasn't going to be in at least the top 5? My B93 app travels well. If I'm in another city, I pop in my Airpods or pipe it through Bluetooth in my car, and voila, I get my jams and I don't have to mess with looking for a subpar radio station in another city. It is also excellent to workout to! Hypes you up during the toughest workouts.

Which apps can you not live without on your phone?

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