Why I’m Glad To Have An IPhone Again
I'm baaaaaack! Can you see I've come back from what some would call 'the dark side?' I don't know why, like I have zero explanation for why every few years I switch phones? I go from Android to IPhone and back again. This is the year for IPhone and I have to say, I am happy …
New Scan QR Code Menu’s Do Not Work For Me
Ok so I just discovered I am outta luck when it comes to these scan menu things. I get it, this is totally the new norm at some restaurants but the other day I realized my phone does not have the capability to scan the QR code and the menu pop up! (insert eye roll here)
Anyone Know Why This Is Hard To Find?
Ok am I missing something here? You know how sometimes you walk into a department store and see this aisle? The one with all the cute cell phone cases? Well the last couple of times I've actually walked through the aisle because I'm in need of a new case.....only to discover there are no c…
The Struggle Is Real- I Have To Do This Daily
This is photo of me (even though I'm not in the pic) having to literally walk OUTSIDE, here at work, just to send a text or make a phone call. No lie. I do it everyday. As a matter of fact, it's not unusual to walk out and see several of my coworkers doing the exact same thing!
Does This Happen At Your House?
Ok does this happen in your house regularly because it does in mine! Chargers go missing. We constantly need 'missing, please return for a reward' signs all over the house. With the number of IPhones, IPads and IPods we have, something has got to give!
glitter phone case
I would have to say that I was definitely one of the lucky ones after I heard this story. Apparently the 'liquid glitter phone cases' that so many of us have are breaking and burning people. There are reports that several people have suffered chemical burns as a result.
Ok, I'm always the girl that's been living under a rock with things like this. A friend of mine had this 'iRing' and I was trippin! I said what in the world is that for? She said, you know when you're lying in bed at night, creepin', trollin', scrolling through eve…
what is on yours?
So my friend and I had a discussion about lockscreen's the other day. She noticed mine and asked why I didn't have a picture of my family, like my kids? I said I did....last week. lol I change it constantly, depending on my mood. If I need a pick-me-up I go for a quote, otherwise, yes, it …
The Joys Of Motherhood
If anyone needs a phone, I've got an extra one! lol I kid, I kid but any parent knows that you never know what you're going to find in your car or in this case, your purse with little's around. Apparently my 3 year old daughter thought I may run out of battery in mine so she is sharin…

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