I'm baaaaaack! Can you see I've come back from what some would call 'the dark side?' I don't know why, like I have zero explanation for why every few years I switch phones? I go from Android to IPhone and back again. This is the year for IPhone and I have to say, I am happy with my choice. (pay no attention to my fingerprints on the screen, clearly I've been on my phone plenty today!) 

My guy and I made the switch over the holidays and here a few reasons I'm glad we made the switch:

  • drop a pin-amongst IPhone users, this is so simple. Legit for the first time in forever, someone dropped a pin on their location the other day and I found it sooooo easily. (I probably could have done the same with my Android but in my opinion it wasn't so simple JS)
  • blue text messages-when my girls discovered I stepped back into the IPhone world, they welcomed me back to 'blue text messages' I felt so left out of group texts for so long because my texts to the group would go through so funky or not go through at all. Plus IPhone to IPhone they could do cool stuff with their phones that I couldn't
  • photos-portrait mode is the new black for me! OMG I would see others photos so vivid, the colors were amazing and I could not figure out how they could 'blur the background?' Now I know. Portrait mode baby!

Trust me when I say this change is def not forever. lol I know me, this IPhone will get old eventually and I am not strictly an 'Apple product only' type of person. For the time being, can anyone who is super savvy with IPhone give me some tips and tricks that no doubt my new phone can do?
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