If you are like me and this time of year is extremely busy for your family, you are probably looking for something easy for dinner every single day. I try to do more than just sandwiches, Ramen noodles and Spaghettios, so sometimes I need help, I need ideas. TikTok to the rescue!

I have begun to follow several accounts that are all about healthy eating, crock pot meals and one sheet pan meals. They will literally tell you step-by-step what to buy, how to prepare it and the simple process of cooking the meal.

This particular recipe is a one sheet pan meal. Think crock pot, without the pot and dumped onto a pan. (cookie sheet) This is excellent for large families because it typically makes a lot of food and there is less clean up afterward.
This one is currently one of my faves. My children love sausage, I love veggies and we all love the combination of spices in this particular dish. Plus it's low carb and this little momma's heart appreciates how easy it is to make.

There are very few ingredients needed as you can tell in the video, sausage, broccoli, zucchini, bell pepper, onions, olive oil and various spices. Watch the video and learn exactly what you need, how to prepare and cook time and temperature. One sheet pan meals have become a favorite in our household. If you haven't tried one yet, maybe you should start with this one.

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