Who Has Never Had 1 Of These?
I'm telling you right now I am shook. Over the Mother's Day weekend, my kids decided they wanted to make s'mores, to which this momma said, it's been awhile, I'm totally down! So we grab everything at the store....graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, we are all set.
Christmas Tree Cakes Are My Jam
'Tis the season.....for these fabulous little Christmas tree cakes! Holy cow! Can ANYONE resist? Then I go and find red velvet? You feel me? These Little Debbie's are the best during the holidays!
Have You Tried Sweetos Yet?
Oh yes, the 'Sweetos' are now a thing! Picture me stopping to get a snack on my way home from a road trip one day, ready to grab my go-to Cheetos and coming across these. Not going to lie, I lost my ish because I was so excited!
christmas tree cakes
Does anyone get as excited as I do to see these in stores at Christmastime? As you can see my little 3 year old had already taken a bite of this one and passed it on to me. lol She cannot commit to eating an entire Christmas tree cake and I can't handle it!