So here's the thing, I had an experience the other day at a local restaurant that I wish I would have handled differently. Does anyone else think that way? Once you have left, it's a hindsight 20/20 situation. lol This is one for you to help me out, a what would you do?

My family of four went to a local restaurant to have dinner, a place we frequent and everything started out great. Got our drinks, our rolls (did that just give it away?) and all of that good stuff. However, when our food was brought out, my order was wrong. The person who brought our food was not our regular waiter, it was someone different. She already knew before she even set my plate down that it was wrong. She said, 'what they sent and what is on the ticket are different. The kitchen messed up, let me tell them to fix it.' I said ok, no worries, it happens. 

I told my family to start eating without me so their food wouldn't get cold. Cut to hungry Rebecca starting to pick off of everyone's plate. Our original waiter came back and asked if we needed anything? I said just waiting on my food. My family literally FINISHED their food, with my help and I still had not received mine. Finally our waiter came out and claimed that someone else was supposed to bring my plate but 'couldn't find our table.' Excuse me WHAT? No apology, no asking if I still even wanted it?

My man asked if I wanted to just send it back? I had eaten off of everyone's plate, I really wasn't even hungry anymore. I said no, I won't make a fuss, I'll just keep it. After the fact I know that was really crappy service. I never even got an I'm sorry this happened, let me comp your meal that you do not get to eat with your family, nothing! Instead I got a lame excuse. I wish I would have said nevermind, I'm not going to eat it, I'm not hungry. I love this place but because of that, I won't be going back for awhile because of that disappointing experience. What would you have done?
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