I came across this story on Reddit and as a mom of 3, I get it. I say yes! Good for you parents! A mother created a new house rule for her teenage daughter and now her daughter is furious with momma. As a mom who has already gone through those tough teenage years with one of my kiddos, I can just imagine the eye rolls, the silent treatment, the att-i-tude that her teens are giving her. 

So here is the situation, these parents have 3 teens total. Well mom got fed up with them eating all of the snacks that she would buy. So her new house rule is that if you want snacks in the house, you must buy them yourself.

So notice I did not say food. That is a given. There is plenty of food in the house for these teens to eat but as a mom of 3 also I understand that that is rarely the case. Teens=snack. Kids in general would rather go for snacks than actual food.

It is a typical day in my house for me to make dinner, call my kids to come eat and one or both say, 'I already ate.' I ask, 'what did you eat?' To which they reply, 'chips, crackers, ice cream, cookies, fruit snacks, etc...' Like just stuff. Junk basically. Which does not constitute a meal in my mind.

As a parent it does get frustrating. You think to yourself, I need to stop buying snacks so these kids will eat an actual meal. Even better when you find the 'snack wrappers' all over their rooms. Never in a trashcan.

So I like how this mom got fed up and then came up with a great idea. I tell you what, I will feed you, real meals, home cooked meals, but the junk food will come from you. And take it from me, buying junk food can also get expensive, for these rascals to eat it all in a matter of two days. True story.

What do you think of this mom's new house rule?

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