It is so true when they say you should never get rid of your old clothes and shoes, because they could come back in style someday. I have an older sister who had the coolest bell bottoms and wedge heels in the early 80's that I used to play around in as a child. I would have given my right arm to be able to fit in them at the time, I played dress up and felt so glamorous. 

Eventually that style of dress went away and new, trendier, edgier fashion made it's way into society. Cut to now where they are actually a thing again. lol Fashion has come full circle and I am here for that party, trust.

So how about this year as I am back to school shopping with my own kids and my teen gravitates toward the vertical striped shirts! He brought them to me and says, 'mom these are so cool, I want them!' My jaw dropped. I said boy, we used to wear that when I was your age, like they were huge in the 90's! I'm pretty sure Girbaud, Guess or Tommy Hilfiger made a killing on these striped shirts and here is my kid picking out 3 different colors in them. (none of which are name brand by the way)

He also chose a Guess tshirt and I just couldn't believe it! I was so excited to see that my kid would have fit in well with the fashion back in the day, clearly he likes it. Now let me see if I can find my Coca-Cola long sleeved tee put away in a box somewhere. I think it's only a matter of time....

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