Excuse you? I think it is safe to say that school lunch has evolved since I was in jr high and high school. A friend of mine sent me this the other day along with the message, 'all we had was a stinkin snack bar with hot pockets back in the day.' lol It's so true. I remember hearing all about lunch after elementary school. It was a big deal.

When I got to jr high I remember having the choice of either eating in the lunch room or begging my parents to give me money every day to eat from the snack bar line. That was a tough one. If I remember correctly, I got no more than $5 a day to do so and my lunch consisted of either a ham and cheese hot pocket or fried burrito (gut buster!) and a bag of Munchos chips. I was fancy y'all! lol


And kids these days are over here getting food truck options. I cannot! There are several lined up! We are not the same, clearly. I told my friend send more pics! I must show my lunch buddies from back in the day and do a little reminiscing.


She was in the vicinity of Midland High as you can see and I'm issuing a warning right now, when you see a grown woman in the area one day at lunch next to one of these food trucks, mind yo business. I'm just trying to get my eat on and low key hating that this was not a thing for me and my friends back in the day! lol

All you MHS students or parents, is this an everyday thing? This nosy rosy wants to know!

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