Must Have Foods At The Big Game Watch Party This Weekend!
This weekend it's going down, the BIG GAME! Who's ready? I am but not for reasons that you may think. My guy is ready for the game itself and he has already made it clear who he is rooting for. Me...not so much. I could careless about the football part of it, I'm just here for the foo…
Current Sitch In Our Breakroom Here At Work
Current workplace breakroom sitch. I thoroughly appreciate that these were brought to work, but now it's time for them to leave. lol They have overstayed their welcome. How is a girl supposed to stay out of these goodies? So much yum in one pic!
Quarantine Snackin'
This right here is what your girl is snacking on during the quarantine. Since the percentage of people snacking is up so much while we are safely staying home, I figured I would share with you what I am consuming daily...ok more like hourly. Smh.
Current Sitch
It's bring-your-kid-to-work day for this momma! As you can see, the entertainment/snack/purse game is strong because the little 4 year old that has joined me today gets bored easily! lol Parents you feel me. It's never a part of 'the plan' but sometimes it's inevitable.
Mommy's Check This Out!
I talked about this on the air and I'm still snacking as I type this. You're probably thinking what the hell is that? It does look shady but it's harmless. Apparently my 4 year old left her mini shredded wheat snacks in my purse! lol
What's the Best Snack Food?
There are TONS of snack foods to choose from in the great land of ours. Everything from chips to candy to veinna sausages. The question is, What's your favorite snack food of all time? A recent list was compiled of the top voted snacks and among those, Doritos, Oreos, Gummy Bears, and Reese&apo…
superbowl party
The big game is this Sunday, hopefully the wings will be plenty and the beer nice and cold! Whether you gather with family or friends, one of the most important things at any good Superbowl party is the FOOD. We love to watch the game, the commercials, the halftime show and munch the entire time!
summer cookouts
Summertime is in full swing! It's all about the get-together's with friends and family, cooking out every weekend. I love doing things like that but the struggle is real when it comes to what to take. lol I completely stress out over small things like that.