Where are all my homeschooling momma's at? Ladies (and gents too), you're rockin it! In case no one has told you today, here is my encouraging message. 'You're doing amazing sweetie.' (In my best Kris Jenner voice). HOWEVER, I don't know about you, but this momma needs to social distance herself from the fridge! I have never cooked, eaten and even snacked so much in my entire life! I know you all feel me. 

Why am I like this? lol What if my jeans don't fit once things return back to normal? Aren't I supposed to be getting my summer bod ready? What is everyone doing for workouts? My gym is closed, I'm supposed to be staying home, but still staying fit and trying not to pack on the pounds. This momma of 3 needs some suggestions? What are you all doing to get some exercise?

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