After over a year dealing with COVID, we knew it was only a matter of time. A vaccine rolled out earlier this year, the new Delta variant is causing a spike in cases, breakthrough infections, in which a person who is fully vaccinated tests positive for COVID but typically experiences milder symptoms are currently happening. So when a friend told me about this at-home test, I was not at all surprised. 


Quick Vue At-Home OTC (over the counter) COVID-19 Test is what it is called and will set you back about 25 bucks. There are two to a box, I was not told this, therefore I now have 4 but at least I have plenty and when I was purchasing them, there were not many left, so it probably was not a bad idea to stock up.

Like myself, many have been tested by a Dr. whether you were exposed at work, home, while traveling but this is now an option. The entire process takes about 20 minutes and yes, you do have to swab your own nose, but you the results are immediate. In 10 minutes you know whether you are positive or not. And if somehow you feel you made a mistake or want to make double sure, just take the other test in the box.

How accurate are the results? According to this article, over 80% accurate but if you are still in doubt, you should absolutely consult your Dr. Stay safe, stay informed and stay healthy friends!

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