Okay so beginning of quarantine we were all doing really well learning new hobbies, trying new things, cooking, baking, cleaning like crazy. I mean with things locked down here and there, open back up, close down, we thought 'well we're staying home may as well make ourselves useful and do things around the house right?' I don't know about you but that whole idea has really kind of dwindled for me. I was baking like crazy, gained the quarantine 15, cooking learning new recipes but not so much anymore.

What have you actually accomplished during quarantine? I actually cleaned out my game room in my home in the the very beginning like around March or April when I was homeschooling my kids. Unfortunately I have to say it's a complete wreck again. It became the catch all room, so I don't even know why I bothered to clean it to begin with. I did get around to cleaning out my son and my daughter's rooms really good,  baseboards and everything. I rearranged my pantry and lined everything up nice and neat.  I think that's probably the number one thing that a lot of people did during quarantine.

I have friends who planted gardens, started growing their own vegetables, some who learned a different language, others became super crafty. So what did you learn to do during quarantine? Did you learn how to play an instrument? Teach yourself how to knit? Clean your house top to bottom?

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