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It is funny how as we get older our interests change. For example, when I was younger, I had pen pals (yes, I am aging myself). Our family traveled a lot when I was little and I would meet kids my age, exchange addresses (ancient times lol) and we would write letters back and forth. I loved it and even though I did not realize it at the time, I guess you could say it was my 'hobby.'

As I lost touch with my writing buddies and got a little older, my interests and hobbies changed. I got real big into reading. I talked about this in a previous blog. I would read book after book after book all through my teen years. I was little bookworm.

Now as an 'adult,' I have something new that I want to try. Actually two things that I would like to learn to do and turn into a new hobby. Random....I want to learn how to knit #1 and how to write in calligraphy #2. I warned you they were two of the most random things that you could possibly think of!

For some reason, I picture me someday, older, knitting for my future grandchildren. I want to be the wela that knits that knits them all kinds of cool stuff that they will think is cheesy at first but will appreciate once I'm gone. And calligraphy has always caught my attention. When you see anything that is written in calligraphy, it is so beautiful. Adult goals, I will learn both eventually.

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