Two Things I Have Always Wanted To Learn To Do
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It is funny how as we get older our interests change. For example, when I was younger, I had pen pals (yes, I am aging myself). Our family traveled a lot when I was little and I would meet kids my age, exchange addresses (ancient times lol) and we would write letters back an…
What Have You Accomplished In Quarantine?
Okay so beginning of quarantine we were all doing really well learning new hobbies, trying new things, cooking, baking, cleaning like crazy. I mean with things locked down here and there, open back up, close down, we thought 'well we're staying home may as well make ourselves useful and do things ar…
I Have Become My Partner
Isn't it funny how people in a relationship sometimes morph into one? Your interests become the same, your likes, restaurants, hobbies, etc...In my case it is this. What you see in this photo is something that I got from my significant other, his love of pepper is now mine. lol