I just discovered something about myself: I have several of the same type of item in my vehicle. Just look at the picture. I was searching for something yesterday and I started going through the console, the compartments on the door and my glove compartment and I came to this realization. (Disclaimer:all of these items have their proper place in my ride, I do NOT like a dirty, messy vehicle. Just had to get that off my chest.) 

Ok back to the multiples...I guess I like certain items in my vehicle and I just never realized that often times I already have 1 in there and if I buy another, I throw it in there too. lol Check out what I discovered:

  • clearly I get carsick! peep the motion sickness medication in pill form, 2 types and even an oil to rub behind my ears and on my wrists
  • headphones-I moved up in the world on this one-the OG ones with the long cord, to the short cord that goes around your neck and I've graduated to airpods. I can seriously take a few of these out lol
  • sunglasses-this I won't compromise-a girl needs options to go with different outfits!
  • sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and even Kleenex-I have several ways in which to keep a person's hands and nose clean-essentials!
  • perfume-you never know when you need to freshen up, I have a couple of 'purse sized' sprays handy lol

The lint roller, fast food napkins, my Whataburger mask and even the blue ones I typically wear. Oh and I didn't even take a picture of the 2 blankets I keep in my ride, as if the heater is not enough. lol Holy cow! What's in your ride?

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