Back Up Cameras-Do They Really Help?
Here is my back up camera on my ride. Many of us have them. Mine doesn't work. lol The lines don't really help me, I'm not going to lie. I was trying to back up into a parking spot at a restaurant the other day as you can see here and I still did not land between the lines.
If You Get Carsick Like Me-This Stuff Works
I had no clue 'adult carsickness' was a thing. As a kid, from about age 5, I stayed sick anytime we would leave town, I stay nauseated. (that always meant riding shotgun) I thought at some point I would grow out of getting carsick but I have not. Well now, unfortunately, my kids are just l…
Hooters Car, Truck & Bike Show This Sunday
In case you don't have plans this weekend, I'm about to give you something to do this Sunday the 15th. Hooters presents Guiding Light Car Truck & Bike Show with ALL proceeds including entries going to the victims and families of the recent tragedy here in the Permian Basin. Check o…
Has This Ever Happened To You In The Summer Time?
Since triple digit temps have hit the Basin as of late, it reminded me of something that happened to me years back that was pretty dumb on my part. I used to be bad at 'living out of my car' and had my entire bathroom in my car at one point, including a can of aerosol hairspray. NOT SMART!
Wow! I’m Starting To See This More And More
My how times have changed. Have you rolled up to a gas station lately and seen this? I was in the Metroplex recently and looked over and saw this pretty thang 'gassin up.' Also, I would think only in the bigger cities would you see charging stations all over the place because this was wher…
You Ride With Me-I Got You!
Car essentials. I just realized after looking for something in my console, that these are two things that I always have on hand in my vehicle. Utensils and sweetener. What does that say about me? Let's be real, I like to eat and I love my tea!
Hey Check Out This Price!
I've seen this a couple of times now and wonder why it still has not been changed? Really? Is that the price of the car? Of course not, it's the price of whatever is beneath the sign but wow! I'm surprised that the .94 cent sign was hung there. lol
do you tell?
While at lunch yesterday, we had a gentleman come to our table and ask if we drove a certain kind of car? We don't, so once we answered no he went on about his business asking other tables around us. He finally found the owner of the vehicle, it turns out he had accidently bumped their vehicle …
If You Sing in the Car, You Know These Are True! (LIST)
Are you the kind of person that will sing at the top of your lungs while driving down the road? Because I am. I don't even have to know the song to bust out at least some of the lyrics. lol My teenage son and I are getting really good at harmonizing. Give us some 80's hairbands, 90's …

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