Let me tell you something that went down on my block a couple of months ago that I did not even think about sharing, until now. Our neighborhood is typically safe, great neighbors, low-key, wave at each other in passing type peeps.

Well one cold morning recently, as many people do in cold weather, one of my neighbors went out to start their car so it would get warm until it was time to leave for work. Started it, then ran back inside the house to grab some things to leave. I've done it plenty of times in the past. We all have at one time or another. Well unfortunately this particular morning, someone was lurking and acted immediately. By the time my neighbor came back out, just minutes later, someone had stolen the car! Jumped in and took off, it happened so fast they said!

How horrible is this? I could not believe it actually happened on my block! Other neighbors noticed that the thief tried getting into their vehicles as well. One had two door handles broken on their ride where possibly the same thief tried to break into their rides too.

A friendly reminder that we must always be aware of our surroundings. When leaving your house in the morning, getting home after work, overnight, always check your vehicles to make sure your windows are rolled up, car doors are locked, valuable belongings are not left in plain sight in your vehicle. And even more so now it is definitely not a good idea to start your car before you head off to work, to 'warm it up,' especially if you cannot lock your doors while it's running.
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